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The Endless Charm of El Nido
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2016-03-30
Palawan- an archipelago known to the world as a paradise of surreal and majestic beauty; has the mostly surrounded islands, but lightly populated area in the Philippines. From its high ecological nature, blue crystal-clear waters, perfect beaches, animal life, picturesque landscapes, and soaring bio-diversity, it it no wonder why it is dubbed as "the most beautiful island in the world". The Philippines has indeed thousands of islands, but choosing Palawan as your area of destination will be your ultimate beach paradise.

There are so many places to visit and stay at when you go to Palawan, Philippines. For one, a guest may opt to go to the region's capital, Puerto Princesa, where the renowned 'Underground River' is located. But if you are looking for paradise- with mesmerizing limestone cliffs in islands, turqoise-colored waters,natural seascapes, and jungle wildlife, that remains ultimately low-key, then heading to the north of Palawan will give you those.

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Situated in the northern tip of palawan is El Nido- a paradise unlike any other. It is abundant with stunning surroundings and seascapes that will completely leave you breathless. Furthermore, you will instantly see and feel significant presence of environmental conservation as the areas of El Nido and selected sections of neighboring town Taytay, are included in the 'El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area'. What makes El Nido distinct is that it has  a protected status that makes its citizens and visiting people to actively participate in environmental protection and conservation.. What's more is that is the very home of the famous El Nido Resorts. 

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Choosing El Nido Resorts

El Nido Resorts is an assembly of eco-resorts that has a strong conviction to sustainable tourism. Currently comprised of four islands, namely: Miniloc Island, Lagen Island, Apulit Island, and Pangulasian Island, the El Nido Resorts practices responsible stewardship while teaching guests the importance of nature preservation. Additionally, El Nido Resorts is globally known for its advocacies such as: providing employment opportunities for its local citizens, providing education about nature preservation to staff and guests, as well as highly implementing nature-based and low-impact activities to its guests.

Getting there

Aside from using a travel guide, there are several options on how to get to El Nido if you are planning your destination there. For one, you can take a direct domestic flight from Manila to El Nido, This is the fastest and easiest route because it will only take an hour and a half to take you to El Nido Airport (also known as Lio Airport). From there you can take ride heading to El Nido town or a boat transfer heading to one of the El Nido Resorts. 

Secondly, is by plane heading to Puerto Princesa. From the Puerto Princesa Airport, you can take either a bus ride or rent a van (eight-hour ride). Third, is by going there by sea through ferry lines from Manila, Busuanaga, Coron, and Sabang (near Puerto Princesa) heading to El Nido port.

Pick an Island!

There are four islands to choose from in El Nido Resorts. If guests decided to stay in one island for an accommodation, there is still an opportunity to visit the other three islands, as the resort offers Island hopping tours as part of their low--impact activities.

Miniloc Island

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The establishment of Miniloc Island is similar to that of a coastal village- with an indigenous and rustic design of its hotel interiors and facilities. It has a marine sports center and a kid's center perfect for guests travelling with their families and kids. 

Lagen Island

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If you want to see the view of Bacuit Bay and El Nido sunset, then you might want to have your stay here. Lagen island is surrounded by a lagoon and a four-hectare forest with limestone cliffs. It has recreational activities similar to Miniloc, butis more targeted for guests who prefer serenity and a secluded getaway.

Apulit Island

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Located in Taytay, Apulit Island is the perfect for guests looking for a tropical paradise. It is situated on a cove with an abundance of coconut trees and a wide stretch of white sand. They also have an area called 'Octagon Pier' , a raised area used for cocktails, dinners, and even wedding events.

Pangulasian Island

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Experience luxury at the newest addition to the El Nido resorts. With its contemporary Filipino and green design, Pangulasian island is a wonderful hideaway that offers breathtaking views of the pure white sand beach and the tropical forest around the island. 

El Nido is truly a paradise unlike any other. For tourists and guests, staying at El Nido Resorts will not only give you a relaxing stay, but will also allow you to gain a renewed perspective on the significance of nature preservation. Start booking for flights to travel and see the majestic place of Palawan.Through a domestic flight and just an hour and a half away, you can visit El Nido and have an unforgettable destination and stay at "the most beautiful island in the world"- that is, Palawan. 
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