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8 Quick Stops and Turns and Everything Boracay this 2016
Story by: Mags Salvador ( Member ) on 2016-10-29
1. Beach Bumming Scene

Puka shell area in Boracay is a popular stop for island hopping though travelers can still go there by land. For Yapak Beach, Boracay, you can get a trike from the main road and it will take you a good 20 to 30 mins ride from station 3. The beach has its own white sand which comes from shells as well. Very calm seas and scenic view which makes it a good spot for selfie or groupie :-). The island also offers nice souvenir items. Pearls are quite cheap here as compared to those being sold near the beachfront. The island has "lutong bahay" meals resto that your hungry tummy can try. Refreshing buko juice may also be served cold under an umbrella or nipa hut a few meters away from the shoreline. I love the spot -- staying here would be lovely than at the main island beachfront because the travelers here are not as many as those lying and staying in the main island beachfront. Bring your frisbee, or even volleyball then you can spend your day playing as well. Yapak beach would be a better choice if you just want to rest, relax and chill for a day.

boracay puka beach

2. Where island activities happen!

Bolabog beach is around 20 to 30 minutes ride from station 3. This is where you can do a number of island activities such as parasailing, kite flying, banana boat ride and a lot more. The beach is clean and clear though locals do not recommend the area for swimming due to rocks and uneven terrain when you're at sea. Also, boats come and go to drop travelers to stations where they go parasailing.

boracay bolabog beach

3. Top of the world at the islands in Boracay that is Mt Luho

Ever had the chance to go at the back of the island and hike for about a hundred steps or more to reach the top? Out of the many years I’ve been to Boracay, this is the first time that I was able to see the island from the top. If unfit, the hike gets slippery when it’s raining so I don’t recommend it but if the sun is shining and road is dried up, the challenge of going up is not much. A walkway has been built and concrete steps are available. The view from the top is surprising and simply stunning. The 360 degrees view of Boracay island is a refreshing sight. The island still has greens, yey! Though it also saddens me that there were mountains and cliffs being developed to become resort hotels. You can see different islands from here: Yapak, Bolabog, and some parts of Manoc Manoc according to the locals. We went there in the afternoon and was already happy with the view, I can’t wait to try and have a glimpse of sunrise from there sometime.  

boracay mt. luho

4. Travel mixed with learning and understanding the natives

An alternative interesting to-go-to place in Boracay is the land where natives reside. It can be a sort of blast from the past; years when there was no electricity and the island was without the commercial feel it has right now. It’s been told that Boracay island original settlers were the “ATIs" or the aborigines which are physically short in size, dark brown skinned and curly hair. The community boasts of a heritage center and other livelihood projects (soap,bags) to prepare them to take part on the tourism industry of Boracay and help them earn money from the products they sell. The place also shows the world that there is treasure within the community that can definitely contribute to Boracay’s cultural identity. They still have development projects for the village that still in need of financial and technical support. 

If you want to go there, you may contact the Malay Municipal Tourism Office who will set your visit date to the tribe’s chieftain to witness traditional songs, musical instruments, dances, ritual and the other primitive ways of living every day by the ATIs as they perform right in front of your very eyes. Or if you want an informal visit you can just go there and talk to the natives to learn more from them though they would not be prepared to showcase their talents. Witnessing how simple their lives before will take you back in time how Boracay Island looks like. It will give you a better understanding of how this people survived their families in the island and was able to multiply. Sharing your blessing such as food, clothing, and reading books for ATI Kids are welcomed.

boracay ati komunidad

5. Windmills in Boracay?

Nope, not really in Boracay but a few kilometers away is Nabas Wind Farm. Quite far but can be seen in Boracay and will surely interest local and international tourist once it’s promoted as a destination. The windmills are similar to Guimaras and Ilocos Norte windmills. Hopefully it will help boost Boracay as an eco-tourism attraction as well. The windmills were lovely to look at and are a relaxing sight while waiting for the island sunset. 


6. Freshly baked goody you don’t want to miss while in Boracay

We were impressed with how people are lining up in this bakery-cum-restaurant, ‘Twas then we realized that they have just finished baking Calamansi Muffin. This is the most popular in the island for this is where Calamansi muffin originated. The muffin temperature was just right, quite filling to the tummy as the muffin size is bigger than the regular (and it smelled pure calamansi). Their coffee was just as great. The watermelon milkshake is refreshing! Add the ambiance of overlooking the beach area and the seas that felt like an inifinity pool for its calmness and bluish color. Any boracay trip must have Real Coffee and tea visit :-). Good job to the management team as they were able to maintain its simple set up and interesting traveler thoughts written everywhere.

boracay restaurant

7. Food as YUMMY as it can get

Here are a number of resto’s we had the chance to partake while in the island:
Kolai Mangyan is a value for money restaurant for a foodie. This is were you can get meals under Php100 and still feel full afterwards. The restaurant is located on the main road just a little after station 2. A lot of locals and tourists alike flock the place for some fast food that’s home cooked.  

Hoy Panga! has a nice ambiance, complete with a singer to complement the relaxing mood while eating your dinner with family and friends. You get to lounge on their unique set up of big throw pillows and bean bags that they use as chairs for their lowered dining tables. 

boracay restaurant

Hawiian Barbecue answers your appetite for a barbecue while watching the shore and witnessing sunset at the beachfront.

boracay restaurant

8. Sun, sea and sand time

Beach bumming will always be on top of to-do-list while in Boracay. A visit here even after the summer would have you meet lot of people still. Walking from Stations 1 to 3 will bring you to a lot of new places to hang out, fill your hunger and see palm trees, beach beds and the vast skyline which has never been the same on any day. Experience the different hues of color during sunset and be amazed that there is no one look of how sunset is while witnessing it at the beachfront or wherever you are in the long stretch of the famous white sand beach in the island of Boracay.


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