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Definition of Cover
Personal Accident
Provides indemnity to the insured for loss of life, total permanent disability, and dismemberment or disablement arising from an accident.

The term accident for the purpose of this insurance shall be understood to mean a sudden, unforeseen, violent and external event that result to visible bodily injury or loss of life. 
Emergency Medical Treatment
Covers necessary surgery, physician consultations, diagnostic tests, hospital services and supplies, ambulance and paramedic services; visits to registered physicians and prescribed medicines arising from accidents
Personal Liability
The Company will pay for any bodily injury, as well as property damages caused by the Insured to third parties.
Recovery of Travel Expenses
Reimburses the unused portion of travel and accommodation expenses that are paid in advance and non-refundable.
Travel Inconvenience Benefits
Covers for the necessary expenses arising from Loss and Delay of Baggage, Loss of Travel Documents and Flight Delay.
Travel Assistance Benefits
In partnership with Assist America, Travel Master provides unlimited coverage for Emergency Repatriation, Emergency Evacuation, Return of Mortal Remains and Care for Unattended Minors. The Roundtrip Fare will also be shouldered by Malayan in case Insured will need someone from home to take care of him.
Value-Added Features
The Medical Treatment will be extended to medical treatment and assistance services for accidents resulting from Sports Activities.
Travel Master also provides coverage for damages caused by the Insured to his rented car. 
Summary of Benefits
Benefits Enhanced Amount
Personal Accident Accidental Death, Dismemberment and/or
PHP 1,000,000.00
Accidental Burial Benefit PHP 10,000.00
Emergency Medical Treatment Local & Asian Travel PHP 1,000,000.00
Worldwide Travel (with Cashless
PHP 2,500,000.00
Follow-up Care Included
Hospital Cash Allowance (Per day/max of 10
days per confinement)
PHP 1,000.00
Personal Liability Recovery of Travel Expenses(Emergency Trip Cancellation) PHP 50,000.00
Recovery of Travel Expenses(Emergency Trip Termination) PHP 50,000.00
Travel Inconvenience Benefit Loss of Travel Documents PHP 20,000.00
Loss of Baggage
PHP 50,000.00 
*PHP 5,000.00 per item
Baggage Delay PHP 5,000.00
Strikes and Aircraft Hijacking
PHP 1,000.00
Per Day Basis up to 10 Days Per Occurrence
Flight Delay
PHP 1,000.00
Due to Severe Weather, Mechanical Trouble,
Maximum of 10 Days Per Occurrence
Travel Assistance Benefits Emergency Repatriation Unlimited
Emergency Evacuation Unlimited
Return of Mortal Remains Unlimited
Care for Unattended Minors Unlimited
Compassionate Visit Roundtrip Fare
Travel Inconvenience Benefit Car Rental Protection PHP 500,000.00
Sports Activities Extension Extends Medical Treatment and Travel Assistance Benefits for Accidents due to winter sports, scuba diving, trekking and mountain climbing is an Online Travel Agency Site in the Philippines. Book Cheap Domestic & International Flights, Hotels and Packages today!
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