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Unwavering Paradise in Bohol
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2016-10-13
In the heart of Visayas lies one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines- Bohol. If you are a traveler constantly taking domestic flights in the Philippines, then you might be one of the several people who are a bit reluctant to visit Bohol due to the October 2013 earthquake which resulted to the devastation of the area. But now, government efforts of innovation and rehabilitation have proven promising outcomes for the future of Bohol's travel and leisure aspect. As the province continues to encourage tourists to come and travel their land, Bohol continues to be one of the top domestic flight destinations in the Philippines to date.

Looking for a place to stay? 

Accommodations during your travels will always be accessible on an online travel site, but if you are looking for a tranquil and secluded place, booking a flight and deciding to stay in the heart of Panglao may be the place you are looking for. Located in the southernmost area of Panglao is Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa.

Eskaya Beach Resort Bohol
View from Eskaya Beach Resort
(Photo from:

Easy transportation. To save the traveler and guests from the hectic transportationand exhaustion, Eskaya Beach Resort offers pick-ups from Tagbilaran going to the resort (either from the airport or hotel).

Exclusivity at its Finest. Step in the resort's premises and feel how the people of Bohol integrate their native culture. Although the resort is boutique in style, it takes pride in its modern-Filipino designed architecture of the buildings- construction of the villas(also known as "balai" in their language) are emphasized with indigenous materials such as bamboo, wood, and cogon. 

Picturesque. As a traveler, you would definitely fall in love with Bohol's scenery. Eskaya's smart location will give you an undeniably breathtaking landscape of Bohol sea- with it's 5-kilometer long stretch of white beach and a view of the mountain with thriving vegetations.

Activities. The heart of your trip to Bohol is in the itinerary of the duration of your stay. Eskaya Beach Resort offers a wide range of activities- from countryside tours to island tours, dolphin watching, sunset viewing, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more. 

Relax. To remove all the exhaustion from the day's trip, guests can unwind in Eskaya's famous Handuraw Spa. Located on top of a hill, guests can also see the beautiful view of nature and the vast Bohol Sea. 

Despite the wrath of the 2013 earthquake, the province's travel and tourism continues to push forth domestic flights in Bohol. Truly, the province still offers a steadfast beauty with its landscapes and unshaken culture. Feel indigenous tradition, tranquility, and beauty, as Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa help you make your stay in Bohol momentous. 
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