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Let's Go Underground!
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2016-01-14
The Philippines' entry to the Seven Wonder of Nature is none other than the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, or famously known as Puerto Princesa Underground River. The river is located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range on the northern coast of the island. The mountain range is shaped like a lying man with a big stomach. Who won't be curious of this place? -- a place that we should be proud of.

Arriving at the Sabang port, it takes about 25-30 minutes boat ride until you reach the entrance of the Underground River. After signing at their logbook, they handed us our life jackets. By now you are ready to go but you need to walk on the jungle trail before reaching the cave entrance. There, we were asked to pick our hard hat and we are ready to go underground!

As you enter the cave, the day slowly turns into night. The boatman would ask one of the passengers to hold the spotlight for him. Quite impressive that the boatmen are the tour guides too. As you travel inside the cave, the odor moderately changes to something unpleasant and you'll feel water droplets on your skin. Mr. boatman tells us that it is either the water from the top (if it is cold), or bat urine (if it is hot). He also told us to cover our mouth when speaking because an undesirable thing might happen -- you know what I mean.

The cave is made up of stalactites (limestone formation hanging from above), and stalagmites (limestone formations that rise from ground level); the boatman explained and pointed these out to us. Seeing those formations is just astonishing and amazing. It's magnificent how nature is very artistic if only everyone will preserve what nature gave us!

According to our boatman, birds and bats inhabit the cave. During daytime, the birds are out while the bats are in; at nighttime, it's the other way around. It is like a shifting on who will look at the cave.

With the aid of the person holding the spotlight, the boatmen will guide you through your entire ride, answering any question you may have. Eventually, like a scene out of the movies, you start seeing light signifying you've reached the end of the cave. It is gratifying to see how blessed and creative nature is. Really, a wonder of nature it is!

Puerto Princesa Underground River shows how really wonderful Philippines is. Philippines is blessed to have such a beautiful resources. It is a matter of caring and responsibility for next generations to still enjoy it.


  • General Entrance Fee* Local International
  • Adult (Php 100.00 - 150.00)
  • Minor (Php 75.00 - 100.00)
  • Underground Entrance Fee**
  • Adult (Php 175.00 - 250.00)
  • Minor*** (Php 100.00 - 150.00)
  • commercial Videa Fee (Php 3,000.00)

*Includes sightseeing, jungle trail, bird watching, snorkeling, spelunking

**Filipino senior citizens 60 years old and up, minors 17 years old and the disabled are exempted from paying the Underground River Tour Entrance Fee

***For safety, children 2 years and below are not allowed on the Underground River Tour. (The rates are taken from Puerto Princesa Underground River site)


Getting there is not easy as 1-2-3, it really should be planned.

  • Book a flight to Puerto Princesa (either air or water transportation)
  • Book your access to Puerto Princesa Underground River online or visit the booking office near Puerto Princesa airport.
  • Book online at ; or Visit the booking office by riding tricycle to Underground River Booking office at Puerto Princesa airport.
  • From your hotel, ride a tricycle to New Market terminal (Fare: around Php 15.00)
  • At New Market terminal, ride jeepneys going to Sabang, Puerto Princesa (Fare: Php 125.00); first trip departs at 7am and last trip at 3pm; 2 hours travel time. Return trip from Sabang to Puerto Princesa: last trip is at 2pm daily.
  • In Sabang, proceed to the Tourism office to book a boat to Puerto Princesa Underground River cave.
  • Near the cave entrance, enlist for another boat to bring you inside and out of the river.


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