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The Soaring City of the South
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2015-10-23
I was a child back then when my parents discovered someplace else to live outside the busy streets of Manila. Far to the south, it's a little quiet place called Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I must say moving to this town is probably one of the best decisions my parents have ever made for our family. I had no idea this move would have a huge impact on my lifestyle (aside from the fact that my failing lungs became healthier ever since we transferred here).

We moved to Sta. Rosa when it was still very laidback. More laidback than it is now. There were a number of schools, very few villages, and hardly any hangout place. Having a very small neighborhood made me feel like I knew everybody. And honestly, as a kid, I thought everybody knew me.

People used to just pass by Sta. Rosa whenever they're on their way to Tagaytay. Of course, what would a tourist do in our town, right? But surprisingly after less than a decade, what used to be a mere stopover for restroom breaks became a stopover for fun and excitement.

Lots of developments happened in our city over the past few years in terms of businesses, schools, housing and medical facilities, churches, public places, and many more. Some of these are Nuvali, the outlet stores in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Ayala Westgrove Heights, Enchanted Kingdom, Republic Wake Park, De La Salle University Science & Technology Complex (which I must say is the most beautiful De La Salle campus in the country), St. Scholastica's College-Westgrove, the building of SM in the eastern side of Sta. Rosa (I am not a fan of SM since I personally feel they kill small businesses, but since they're able to provide jobs to many Filipinos... fine), Laguna Technopark, etc.

For me, the development of Nuvali by Ayala Land greatly contributed to the tourism of this city. Every weekend you'll see hundreds of people enjoying themselves as they feed the koi, ride the water taxi in the man-made lake, do a morning run or bike along Nuvali's bike trails, or just plainly dine in its well-known restaurants. I personally like to stay here on weeknights with my family/friends so I won't feel bombarded. But once in a while, it's good to go here on weekends so you can get to appreciate the place more than ever. Sometimes we only get to appreciate something only when other people give it attention. I'm just very fortunate because I don't have to travel far and plan a trip ahead of time just to visit this place. I can go wherever, whenever.

I love how everything's so walking distance in my city. And how it's 15 minutes away from Alabang and Tagaytay. I can go downtown if I feel like spending the day at the mall or go uphill to Tagaytay if I want a cold breeze and serenitea serenity (oops Serenitea's in Solenad not in Tagaytay).

But what do I really love most about this Tiger City of the South that made me write about this girl-city love affair?

One word, SUNSETS. And maybe, sunrise. But ahhhh I'm a huge fan of sunsets. The way the hues change from sky blue to sapphire, and the warmth of the orange afterglow. And how sometimes it surprises you with a dusky shade of lilac and dark red beams.

You might be wondering, of all reasons, why this when sunsets can be seen all over the world?

I think this city gives one of the best sunsets in the country. I have a favorite spot in Sta. Rosa where you can get the best view of these stunning sunsets. Imagine a long dreary road given life by the late afternoon haze of the sky, and fields of gold being swept away by the balmy wind as you watch the sun set from the horizon.

Now this is what I'm talking about. You get a perfect mix of the city and suburban life.

It feels good to come home everyday to the Southern breeze after a long tiring day at work. I'll never get tired of commuting back home because all these are worth it. Knowing that you're secured in the place you've known for years. Though I don't look forward to days when my favorite sunset zone in Sta. Rosa gets bombarded by a line of establishments.

I'm not running for any position in the government, nor does my father work for the local government. I just have this inexplicable urge to write and tell others about my home. Because the way I see this city may not exactly be the way others see it. And I hate to see others not feel the way this city makes me feel.
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