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Philippine Festivals to Watch Out For this October
Story by: Rea Mae Olmedo ( Member ) on 2017-10-10
We all know that festivals are always a part of Filipino culture. In fact, each island has its own fiestas to celebrate either it is religious, cultural or both. These attract both local and foreign tourists due to their colorful and festive nature. 

If you’re looking for your next go-to destination this October, below is the list of some Philippine festivals this month that you might not want to miss:

Inasal-Halad Festival
October 15
Talisay, Cebu

This festival is a thanksgiving celebration in honor of the town’s patroness, St. Theresa de Avila. It’s a showcase of Talisay City’s historical heritage and identity through street dancing where participants clad in colorful and creative costumes. One highlight of the festival is their most popular dish called “Inasal na Baboy” which can be seen on costumes and decorations.  They roast native hogs or domesticated pigs for this event – two thumbs up for those who are on a hunt for good food. Interested? Book your flight to Cebu!

Buglasan Festival
October 13-22
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

In celebrating this festival, Negros Oriental gathers for a street dancing showdown. It is considered as the grandest celebration that occurs annually to celebrate camaraderie and peace. It is the “festival of festivals” of the city, a week-long celebration where you’ll enjoy trade fairs, cultural shows and of course, food. Check out available flight fares to Dumaguete!

Lanzones Festival
October 18-25
Mambajao, Camiguin

This annual festival in Camiguin celebrates the bounty harvest of lanzones fruit which occurs every third week of October. Staple activities include cultural shows, street dancing and beauty pageant. If you are on a hunt for local handicrafts, you’re lucky as there are also trade fairs where you can splurge on quality handiwork.

Masskara Festival 
Every 4th Sunday of October
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Join the City of Smiles’ biggest annual event – Masskara Festival! This reflects the Bacoleños love for fun and gaiety. Coinciding with Bacolod City’s charter day celebration, the festival features float parade, sports competitions, nightly program, cultural programs, carnivals and beauty contests. One of the main highlights of this event is the long mardi gras-styled costumes and masks during street dancing competitions.

Aeta Festival
October 27
Botolan, Zambales

Want to experience something traditional? Don’t miss the Aeta Festival in Zambales. This showcases the culture and arts of the Aeta or Abelling tribe in the province which also coincides in the celebration of Indigenous People month. Highlights of this event are ethnic performances from dances, playing musical instruments and songs, and playing of indigenous games.

Ibalong Festival
October 25-31
Legazpi City, Albay

Ibalong Festival is a colorful week-long event that draws both locals and foreigners to witness the culture and lifestyle of the folks of Legazpi City. It is a non-religious fiesta based on the Ibalong Epic written by the late Prof. Merito Espinas that tells the mythical super heroes, villains, monsters and wild animals in the ancient times. As with many festivals in Philippines, the center of attraction at the Ibalong Festival is the synchronized dance parades on the city’s street. Want to join the fun? Search for the cheapest flight to Legazpi.

Raniag Twilight Festival
October 29 - November 02
Vigan, Ilocos

This Festival usually starts with the candle floaters along the Mestizo River signifying the cleansing of the community from bad luck and negative vibrations. It is also their way of thanking God for the bounties from rivers and sea.

Coinciding with the Halloween Season, the glamorous float parade is not covered by fear and trembling effect of paranoia but it is full of colorful lights and celebrations. It highlights the creativity of Bigueñios.  Hundreds of sky lanterns are released every year during the Vigan Twilight Festival. The vibrant culture continues to build a strong foundation of identity that defines the spirit and soul of every Bigueños.

If you like to witness these colorful festivities this month, we suggest planning your itinerary ahead of time for the possible best flight rates and maybe even discounts. Book now at

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