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Photography 101 in Boracay
Story by: Renz Moyo ( Member ) on 2017-05-18
You have booked your trip to Boracay and I’m sure your beach bod and OOTD are ready! But, are your Instagram followers and Facebook friends ready for a wave of Boracay pictures and stories from you?

Say no more – this basic photography tips will surely attract likes and your stories will not be muted!

1. The Rule of Thirds

It's the easiest and most basic tip. You see those lines? Put your subject along the line or at the points where lines intersect. Doing so will give you a more dramatic shot than a subject located at the center. And by the way, be sure to grab a calamari and chips at Street Market Boracay’s Percy Seafood in Station X.

                                                                       Percy's at Street Market Boracay 

2. Balancing Elements

You have put your subject off-center, but you feel somethings missing.. If that’s the case, you should put another element that will balance your shot. Look at upper right side of the picture, I included a lesser important object to fill the space.

3. Leading Lines

                                                          See the pic? Don’t tell me you did not follow the lines. 

Another way is to add “lines“ to your composition. In this way, you draw or guide the viewer’s eyes to your subject. There are also different type of lines that can surely improve your composition - diagonal, curved, zigzag, etc.

I know you will add your hotel room in your Instagram story. Why not book a hotel room at Henann Regency Resort & Spa Boracay?

Premier room at Henann Regency Boracay

4. Symmetry and Patterns

Aside from lines and rule of thirds, you can also make your composition great by using symmetry and patterns to show balance or/and harmony, just like in the picture below:

By the way, be sure to drop by at the famous Boracay Toilet! You’ll have fun with this Instagrammable toilet-inspired restaurant.

Boracay Toilet

5. Adjust your white balance

Is your sunset picture not ‘sunset’ enough? It’s okay! tripmoba got you! With this simple trick you can proudly post your beautiful “sunset” photo. With the help of a photo-editing application (above is Snapseed) find the option/tool White Balance and adjust the temperature of your photo, (+) positive value is yellow and (-) negative value is blue. But if you’re a caveman and afraid to download an application, you might want to check your camera settings and play with white the balance.

Got excited to try these tricks? Plan your next travel adventure now with!

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