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Seven Tips on Planning your Next LaBoracay Escapade
Story by: Mags Salvador ( Member ) on 2017-05-16
During summer time, the Philippines boasts a lot of beaches we each can conquer and call home. And Boracay, proves to be the winner in terms of arrivals both from international and domestic tourists. Indeed, LaBoracay once again is the foremost that comes to mind as ultimate summer destination and the party place vacation go to. Below are some tips on planning your next LaBoracay Escapade: 

Airfare - Buy tickets early as 6 to 8 months in advance as it is the most economical in terms of airfare rates. Domestic seat sale from different airlines happens February, March, July and September. While local credit card banks does theirs with tie up between Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific almost every quarter. If flying to Caticlan costs around Php 12K during LaBoracay event (28Apr – 02May) then fly to Kalibo at around Php6K for same dates purchased 6 to 8 months in advance to save more. An hour and a half road trip from Kalibo to Caticlan worth around Php400 per way on top of your Kalibo airfare is acceptable if we are considering our budget for this trip.

Accommodation - Book hotels 3 to 4 months in advance to get the best rates and location or even the same time as you’re getting your flights. So depending on your budget, you can check a resort or hotel that fits your budget and needs. More often than not Station 1 resorts/hotels are more expensive than those that’s in Stations 2 and 3. Though there are a lot of good resorts in Stations 2 and 3 that offers value for money accommodation and services comparable to those at the Station 1. There are also cute small bed and breakfast at the Station 1 non beachfront (5 to 10mins walk to the beach) that are equally comfortable and clean that does not cost (Php2k up to Php4K) that much.

Boracay Hotel

Transfers - Better if we ask a travel agent to book our transfers from the airport to the hotel to avoid inconvenience such as long lines getting tickets for jetty port, boat ride and van ride. To share, sadly people sometimes stay overnight at Caticlan Jetty Port due to long lines and not enough boats to transfer them to the island. This is what happens when we do not arrange our transfers in advance as well. Let’s always remember that during high season, it is when we cannot afford just showing up in Boracay without plans as the boat rides, van rides or even tricycle cannot accommodate the volume of people coming in. 

Food – Food will never be a problem when in the island, it’s a bit commercialized as compared years ago. Presence of fast food chains, casual dining, buffet restaurants are there to cater to your taste buds. A budget meal of Php80 for a rice and 1 viand and a buffet meal that ranges from Php800 to Php2K is readily available in Boracay. Most restaurants at the beachfront charges twice or even thrice the price of food you can eat in the Main Road (10 or 15 minute walk further back from the beachfront).


Clothes – Bring your most comfortable cottons for your trip. A swimwear is a necessity and must always be under your walking clothes as you never know when it gets too hot and you just need to cool down at the beach. The beach calls you any time of day, here is where you couldn’t care less if you are walking all wet as it will only take minutes and the summer heat dries you. Of course must haves would be: sunblock, lip balm and water – don’t forget to hydrate 


Island activities – that caters to all age groups. Boracay offers island hopping, paddle boarding, banana boat ride, parasailing, paragliding, cliff diving at Ariel’s Point, going up Mt Luho being the highest point in the island and visiting ATI Village where natives of Aklan were provided a community where livelihood projects helps the “Atis” in their daily lives.

Budget – We need to allocate budget for our trip within our own means. The costs per person can be as high as a Php60K 4days/3nights package all in or as low as Php 5K for a 3days/2nights package depending on which mode of transportation and accommodation you choose. It’s really up to you to decide: either we save up for this trip or make do with what we can afford. Either way, we want to find our own little happiness in this trip. Again, the earlier we do our reservations the better chance to get a cheaper package.

All in all, it’s good to be there and experience it for yourself so you’ll know if it’s well worth doing it yearly. Depending on how we take things in life, some would say it’s not good, because the island has been robbed of its pristine and serene beauty bringing in a crowd of people that parties all night and looks forward to another party the next.  Some would say, it’s the best party ever, that Boracay after dark is Nightlife at its best. Here everyone parties from sundown ‘til sun up, to each his own and people is more friendly and accommodating. The vibe is generally lively, warm and lets you find your own peace with whatever makes you happy. 

The demographics are diverse – travelers would be groups, family, couples, BFFS, barkadahan, heartbroken and singles but happy. They all blend together as if it’s alright having this piece of the island for their own to share, spending time off from work or the hustle and bustle of city life. And as the old saying goes, we should remember that we travel to experience life in the island and we should leave nothing but footprints. We need to be responsible, take it upon ourselves taking care of this wondrous island and not exploit it, we have to clean as we go to preserve its beauty.

We all are travel bloggers by heart, we document our trips to make memories as tangible as we can.  A lot of photos from a lot gadgets (drone, SLRs, mobile phones, GoPro etc.) make it all the more easier to remember the journey. It’s always a different story, that even though we’ve been to Boracay countless of times we still capture moments we treasure and rekindle the memories in times when we need cheering up. So if you’ll ask me if I’ll go next time, I’d probably still say YES!

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