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7 Tips Frequent Summer Travelers Swear By
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2017-04-21
Summer means vacation! The idea of traveling and hitting the beach is very enticing especially with the sweltering heat in the city. By this time, you already have a pretty good idea where to go and even what to do. In fact, you want to go to as many destinations as you can squeeze this summer. Well, actually, as many destinations as your budget and health can take you to. We did our homework and asked our dear frequent traveler friends on what keeps them within budget and in tip-top shape even when they go on vacay often. Check out these 7 travel tips that they swear by. 

1. Uncheck that check-in baggage allowance

travel baggage

Think about this: do you really need the additional 10 kilos check-in baggage allowance for a 3-day trip to the same beach? 7 kilos hand carry is reasonable and more than enough for a 3-day travel. One simple solution: create a checklist of the things you need to bring. (You’ll end up saving P200-P300). If you’re worried about your options for that IG #OOTD, stick with the ones that suit the location and that will look good on you no matter what lighting quality and filter.

2. Mix & match and get rolling


It takes a little effort and a packing trick to carry light for your next summer adventure. If you want to save on the laundry, try to mix & match your clothes. Believe us, no one will notice or care you wore the same shirt or tank top twice. On the other hand, if you cannot leave without bringing half of your wardrobe, roll-up your clothes to save space on your suitcase.

3. Say 'YES' to cleanliness

swimming snorkeling

Part of your swimming activity is of course, snorkeling! But hey, is it really okay with you to rent one that’s been used about a hundred times? Who knows how those are cleaned and used (especially the mouthpiece)? We don’t. We are sure you don’t know too. Buying your own snorkeling gear is a great investment if you’re planning to explore the beauty of the Philippines’ underwater wildlife and in keeping your adventures hygienic.

4. Don't skip on the swimming or water shoes

water shoes

While you are looking forward to explore the magnificent marine life, don’t forget to protect yourself from sharp rocks and corals and perhaps from poisonous underwater creatures. Take for example the incident in Coron, where a traveler accidentally stepped on a sea urchin that eventually led to his death. Don’t take this for granted, you’ve been warned. 

5. Rub on some off-lotion

Don’t just protect your skin from the harsh sun, keep it safe from those nasty mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes are everywhere – even on the beach. In fact, there are cases of dengue in the Philippines even during summer. Wear mosquito repellent lotion especially in the afternoon and at night. Think about it, you always make sure to start your trip in perfect health so come back home still in great shape. 

6. Dress like a local

With all the excitement, we end up bringing more than what we really need when we travel but wearing too much OOTD poses a potential danger for your safety. It’s like advertising to everyone that you’re a ‘tourist’. Don’t be a walking magnet for thieves and pickpockets. Try blending in with the crowd and locals by keeping your outfit simple but tasteful.

7. Purchase travel insurance

No one likes travel inconvenience like accidents, getting really sick, loss of check-in baggage, etc.; but they do happen when we least expected them. To reduce the hassle of these inconveniences, It it is better to spend some penny than be sorry. Thankfully, has partnered with Malayan Insurance so you can include Travel Master in your flight booking at Be insured for as low as of P275 (for a trip of up to 4 days). Click here to see the benefits of Travel Master by Malayan Insurance.

These simple but helpful tips can come in handy on your next #BestSummerEver. Do you have other travel tips in mind? Share and let’s add them on the list.
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