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Aurora On A Weekend (Baler and Dipaculao)
Story by: Jhei Maniulit ( Member ) on 2017-03-13
It was Friday and an hour 'til midnight when we decided to leave Manila (BGC, Taguig) and drive to Aurora. If you think exploring the province is impossible for an overnight trip, think again.

black sand Sabang Beach Baler) style=
Beautiful black sand at Sabang Beach, Baler

We were able to visit Baler and Dipaculao in two days (with stop overs in Pantabangan and Cabanatuan Market). There are two set of itineraries below which you can follow depending on your priorities. Our group preferred the latter for more sleep and food! The schedule might be too tight but I assure you that it won't compromise the quality of fun and adventure.

Itinerary One: Non-Stop Adventure

This is the jam-packed itinerary. With non-stop adventure from the long drive, visiting almost all attractions in Baler to chilling at Dinadiawan Beach in Dipaculao, this itinerary will let you make most out of your weekend.

Pros: Maximized time and very efficient!
Cons: Might be too tiring for some, especially for the drivers (and navigators/ wazers/ google maps managers!).

Aurora itinerary

Baler Surfer Grill
Lunch at Baler Surfer Grill. They use this cool yellow Volkswagen beetle themed grilling station!

Itinerary Two: The Laid-back Itinerary

For a more laid-back vacation, this itinerary may serve as your guide. If you'll compare it with the first one, this will bring you to less destination but will give you time to rest and chill when it gets too tiring. The stopover at Hillocks might be one of the highlights here! We followed this itinerary since we wanted our drivers to rest and get some zzz's before continuing the long drive.

Pros: More relaxed and you will have time for stopovers (can also be while on the road to take pictures! Aurora's sceneries are to die for).
Cons: Won't let you visit as many attractions, especially in Baler.

Aurora Baler itinerary

Aurora is known for Baler as a surfing site. Indeed, Sabang Beach is a great place to learn and try riding waves! We enrolled at Aliya Surf Camp for 400Php an hour of surfing lesson (including board rental). They have friendly and patient instructors and they aren't strict with the time at all- surf until you drop.

surfing boards in Baler
surfing boards in Aurora Baler
Surfing boards resting and ready for the ride!

After dancing with the waves, we all longed to chill by the beach and for a quick dip in more calm water. This led us to Dinadiawan Beach Dipaculao. It's approximately 1-2 hours away from Baler. Which may be a long and sometimes scary drive (aaaahh zigzags and landslide remnants) but the view is fantastic!!! You may also take a quick stop at Ampere Beach, the boulder beach in Dipaculao.

Dinadiawan beach
Dinadiawan Beach and its clear water and fine powdery sand

Estimated budget is around 2,000-2,500 per person including transpo, an hour of surfing lesson and accommodation at Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort. We were on a private vehicle, which is more ideal than riding a bus if you are on a budget.

Certainly, Aurora is a beautiful province. It may be known for the beauty of Baler but it's definitely more than that. I am looking forward to explore the farther areas and beaches! It should definitely fall on everyone's bucket list.

sunrise at Dinidiawan Beach
Sunrise at the far end side of Dinidiawan Beach

To get more idea, here are some snippets of our Aurora trip:

All photos are courtesy of Jigs Tenorio.


Jhei Maniulit is your Chief Mermaid at Mermaid Tales PH. This story is originally posted on her website along with other travel blogs and itinerary tips. She loves to capture unforgettable experiences during her trips through her video recorder. This lady, who also dreams of being a Disney Princess, encourages others to share their stories and publish them on her website. Visit to join her and other travelers as they discover nature wonders and amazing travel destinations. You may contact or through private message on Facebook for questions, inquiries, collaborations or just plain' mermaid lovin'.

Jigs Tenorio is a freelance photographer based in Manila. He does general photography but now focusing more on LANDSCAPES and ARCHITECTURALphotography. However, from time to time, he still shoots solo or group portraits, fashion and lifestyle, theatre shows and concerts, corporate events, sports, food and products. Check out his work on or his Facebook page For rates, quotations and project collaborations, contact him at  

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