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Discovering Puerto Princesa
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2016-09-08
City tours are commonly included when you book a travel package in your trusted travel agent or agency. Some find this activity boring so they opted to skip on this one. But if you are traveling to Puerto Princesa, Palawan to enjoy its beaches and natural attractions, grab the opportunity to discover the city as this paradise is not only filled with panoramic scenery but is also rich in history and culture. Below are just some of the great locations when you go on a city tour in Puerto Princesa:

1. Puerto Princesa Baywalk

palawan, baywalk

This is Palawan’s version of the Metro’s baywalk. However, unlike that of Metro, the water of Puerto Princesa baywalk is aquatic blue in color. If you’re on a hunt to get a taste of fresh seafood, this is your great spot as there are stalls that offer mouthwatering dishes. Locals maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the place.

2. Plaza Cuartel

palawan, plaza cuartel

Plaza Cuartel unfolds the grim history of the province during the Japanese colonization period. You can find several columns that tell the tragedy that befell the prisoners of war (they were set on fire alive at this very place!). Your guide will tour you around as he share some accounts of the province’s history. 

palawan, plaza cuartel
             A monument was erected in honor of the                            The pathway is filled with leaf patterns.
         prisoners of war.

3. Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

palawan, crocodile

Formerly known as Palawan Crocodile Farm & Nature Park, PWRCC or Palawan Wildlife Rescue Conservation Center serves as a sanctuary for Philippine crocodiles. From the city proper, it takes about 30-40 minute drive to reach PWRCC. You’ll be welcomed by a well-manicured garden that is perfect for a group shot. Upon entering the lobby, guests would notice the remains of Rio, the former largest crocodile caught (before Lolong was discovered). Rio is a 67-year old crocodile caught in Palawan. If you’re visiting with a group, a staff would be assigned who will provide a guided tour around the facility.

palawan, crocodile
                                                                         The remains of crocodile Rio.

First stop of the tour is the crocodile nursery where young crocodiles are being kept. Each tank contains 15-20 crocodiles. The crocs are well-taken care of until they reach 5 years of age when they are harvested for their meat and skin. Contrary to popular belief, the skin of old crocodiles cannot be made into croc-skin products because their skin is extremely tough. Second stop of the tour is visiting the old crocodiles. You have to cross an elevated walkway in order to get a glimpse of the crocs. 

palawan, crocodile
                                                                            A tank full of young crocodiles.

palawan, crocodile
                                                                             Inside the crocodile nursery

The third stop of the tour, the Nature Park is just an optional part of the activity. The Nature Park covers a large part of the facility that serves as a dwelling of various wild animals. If you want to explore the wildlife, wearing sneakers instead of slippers is advised due to the dirt road ahead. Highlight of the Nature Park is the talking bird Mynah that can mimic a wide range of sounds.

palawan, park

4. Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden & Tribal Village

This Palawan attraction showcases the beauty of the world of insects. You’ll be attracted to the garden that is full of colorful butterflies. If you’re brave enough, you can hold and take a selfie with some of its featured insects such as scorpion and stag beetle. The ecological garden also houses two bearded pigs and bearcats.

The very highlight of this attraction is the showcase of the cultural background of the indigenous people of Palawan called Palaw-ans (Palau-ans). The Palaw-ans would share accounts of their daily lives to the guests by introducing some of the things they use in their daily living, and perform indigenous music. You’ll also be amazed how great of a hunter they are when they perform target shooting.

The tribal village also features Palaw-ans’ handmade products. Money earned from selling these products are given to the Palaw-ans as an aid to their needs.

5. Bakers Hill

palawan, bakers hill

If you’re looking for a great pasalubong for your family and friends, you can bring home some deliciously sweet treats from this famed bakery – Bakers Hill. Some of Bakers Hill bestsellers are chocolate crinkles, hopia and raisin bread.  If you’re lucky, your guide may give out some free taste of hopia and crinkles. After making your purchase, you’ll surely fall in love with the well-maintained garden that is picture perfect for its cute statues.
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