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Unspoiled Beaches of Quezon Province
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2016-10-10
1. Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

puting buhangin Quezon beach
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This is located in Pagbilao Grande Island in Pagbilao, Quezon. Some locals called it Lukang Beach which is named after its Chinese businessman owner who is a resident of Lucena City. This is accessible by riding a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal, and then a jeepney bound to Barangay Polo. At barangay Polo, take a tricycle going to the registration area for visitors of Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas and then take a short boat ride.

It is an undiscovered paradise with white sand beach and crystal clear water. At the end of this cove is the Kwebang Lampas which is easily accessible via a short swim or trek among the rocks with only knee high seawater. There is a 100php entrance fee for day tour and 160php for overnight each person. You can also rent tents for overnight stay which costs 200php.

2. Dampalitan Island

dampalitan island Quezon beach
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Not too far from Pagbilao, Quezon is Padre Burgos where Dampalitan Island can be found.  Dampalitan Island has creamy white sand and crystal clear water with rocks scattered, coconut palms, and agoho trees in the background. Unlike Boracay and Palawan, Dampalitan Island is a peaceful retreat for overdeveloped tourist spots. Best view in Dampalitan Island is during the sunset. And unlike in Anawangin Cove, bonfires are allowed here. 

Dampalitan Island is accessible by riding a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal, then take another bus going to Unisan and get off at QCRB Bank at Padre Burgos. Then take a tricycle going to Aplaya and ride a boat there going to Dampalitan Island.  Entrance fee for a day tour costs only 60 php and for tent rental it costs 200 php.

3. Cagbalete Island

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Cagbalete Island is located at Mauban, Quezon which also offers white sand beach and crystal clear water. Cagbalete Island is rich in beautiful corals, schools of fish and plenty of starfish that are waiting until you take a dip in the water and its creamy sand look during low tides.

It is accessible through Jac Liner Bus going to Mauban but only two trips are available, one is scheduled at 5 am and another is scheduled at 12 nn. It will take 5 hours of travel time. Get off at Mauban Public Market and walk through Mauban Port and ride a boat going to Cagbalete Island.

Cagbalete Island is slowly beginning to be a beachgoer’s favorite. And due to sudden fame, few resorts are established in the island. But you can still do camping on your tents yet environmental fees are still collected and there are also tent rentals available. You can do swimming, beach hopping, fishing, hiking, picnic, bird watching, beach volleyball or frisbee, walk to the nearby Bonsai island, visit the neighboring Baliscar Island and its lighthouse, surfing which is best from October to February and watch the sunrise in Cagbalete Island.

4. Alibijaban Island

alibijaban island Quezon
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Alibijaban Island is located at San Andres, Quezon, farthest municipality of Quezon from Manila. It also has its white sand beach, crystal clear water, rich marine ecosystem and mangrove forest. Unlike any nearby beaches, this island is the most undiscovered and its mangroves and shores are not yet touched. 

The island is accessible through Superlines and Barney Auto Lines which have direct trips to San Andres with scheduled time trips. But you can also take a bus going to Lucena. In Lucena, there are van transport going to San Andres. Then ride a motor boat going to Alibijaban Island. It takes 11 hours of travel time yet when you arrived at the Alibijaban Island, you’ll say that it is worth it. 

Philippines is not just about Boracay and Palawan. Philippines has a lot more to offer to local and international travelers. Since Philippines is rich in marine and coastal biodiversity, there are still many unspoiled beaches we have to find out. Let us all start exploring the hidden bliss in the Philippines.

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