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Do's And Dont's Of Traveling
Posted by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2015-11-11

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Yes, traveling is probably the best thing that an individual will ever experience. Seeing different places, eating foreign food, and meeting new people are very thrilling and fun because these are the things that put us in a different perspective. However, you should know that there are things that should be kept in mind and be cautious of while you're traveling. Follow these do’s and don’ts for a fun and fulfilling travel. 


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1. Don’t carry a large amount of money while you are traveling. It will attract pickpockets and robbers. Also, do not exchange money at suspicious looking places. It is better to do it at the mall or just bring exact money for your trip.

2. Don’t leave valuable items such as your phone and wallet in public view.

3. Don’t visit dangerous locations or walk in an unfamiliar places especially at night.

4. Don’t hitchhike. Yes, it is a fun idea but it is not safe.

5. Do not leave your vehicle, hotel or house keys in one key ring.


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1. Do have your passport written so if it gets lost or stolen, you can speed up its replacement.

2. Do dress like a local.

3. Do be alert of intended distractions such as someone bumping you, spilling drinks, and dropping something in front of you. 

4. Do keep important documents such as passports, ID, and credit cards in a secure or even unlikely place and bring them with you all time.

5. Always bring a travel guide with you in case you get lost. It also helps you when you’re out of places to visit. There are always travel guides in the Philippines and other countries that you can browse online.

Indeed, it is important to have fun as much as you can while traveling. But being responsible while traveling will lead you to a more fun and insightful experience. It does not matter if you take international or domestic flights in the Philippines, make sure to remember these do’s and don'ts. A responsible traveler is a happy one!

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