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It's Time to Get Buffaloed!
Story by: jovy avisado ( Member ) on 2015-10-15
I am NOT a fan of buffalo wings. One is because I don't like the wing part because it's too dry--I'm a dark meat lover. Second is, I feel so bad that they had to murder the wings with those red Tabasco-overloaded sauce and drench them soggy. They should have just fried it like Max's and it would have been edible.

And then I met Buffalo's Wings N' Things. My first time was because a friend was friends with one of the managers at the Ortigas Home Depot branch, and we had to meet there. Initial reaction: Why a buffalo wing place, of all places?! So we ordered, and it has forever changed my thoughts on the 'murdered' ones.

BWNT offers servings per half pound (PHP 144)--which is good for one person like me--one pound (PHP 274), or a "triple sampler" of 1.5 pounds (PHP 399). The good part is that you get to choose the 'fire' level; you can choose different flavors per half pound of wings. The BEST part of the BWNT experience is that the wings are not soaked with the sauce. It is served freshly cooked, hot, crispy, and have just added the sauce on top!

There used to be just five variations of the spiciness level (in least to most order): Rookie, New York's Finest, Firehouse Classic, Nuclear, and Armageddon, plus a couple of non-spicy choices something like Garlic Parmesan and Honey BBQ.

I always go for Rookie, the least spicy. Odd for someone who eats fire-red Korean food. This is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. My perfect all-time perfect meal would be a half pound of Rookie, Bleu cheese on the side (PHP 29), and a serving of NY Dirty Rice (PHP 34) which does remind me of those New York Halal food carts. (Tip: They do not have plain rice.) You also have options for other sides like freshly-cooked nachos and fries.

And while I always go for Rookie wings, I have also tried the spiciest, Armageddon. It's waaaay too spicy that I was careful not to let it touch any other part of my face for fear that it's gonna burn. (Ever watched Man vs Food?) In three bites, I was sweating like crazy! Honey BBQ is also a good mix, perfect for those who are not fond of spicy food.

Recently, they have added a few more fire levels. It's so spicy you need to sign waivers for them: Gangnam Style, Total Wingsanity, and Ultimate Wingsanity. If you're dining at the Solenad 2 branch and you think you can, finish any waiver-required flavour in a specific amount of time and get to be on their Wall of Flame!

They have also added more non-spicy variants namely K-Pop, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Whiskey Glaze. Hotdogs and burgers also sell like pancakes. Finally, take that burning feeling off your tongue by having their best-selling NY Cheesecake Ice Cream.

The ambiance is a very casual barkada place that industrial feel with steel chairs and tables. Paper plates, plastic forks and knives, and a whole pack of paper towel on the table. You just know you have to eat with your fingers on this one! Come to BWNT for a pig out session, a chill two-bottles-of-beer nights, or just about whenever you want to do away from the stiffness of silverware and linen-covered restos.

The bottom line is, you don't know buffalo wings until you "get buffaloed!"

Buffalo's Wings N' Things is located at the following branches:

Ortigas Home Depot, Pasig
Solaris One, Dela Rosa St. Legaspi Village, Makati
Solenad 2, Nuvali, Sta Rosa
Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City
SM Megamall Bldg. A
Metro Gaisano ATC, Alabang

Monday to Thursday 12nn to 1am
Fridays & Saturdays 12nn to 2am
Sundays 12nn to 12mn
Delivery: Available via twoanyone (call 212-12-12)

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